The LouisVillains

The Gift

Lyric Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Music Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Producer Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits:
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Short Song Description:
Upbeat, fun kids song that has meaning for adults as well. Good for older children (9-12 years old), but can be enjoyed by younger children as well.
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
A song performed live that has been enjoyed by groups of children many times.
Song Length 3:13
Primary Genre Unique-Children
Secondary Genre -
The Gift

There's nothing you can't do - though sometimes it's hard to know it
There's nowhere you can't go if you get in your boat and row it
There's no one you can't love though it's hard to know it's true
There's an open sky above and a sea that splits in two

What do you see when your eyes are in their socket?
What do you hear when your ears are in their pocket?
What do you use to sing when your mandolin won't play?
What do you choose to bring with you everyday?

Now you can stay at home and pretend your fears are true
Or you can travel `round the world, still find them inside you
Perhaps if you've been drifting long it's time to settle down
Or maybe if you're feeling stuck it's time to break new ground

Whatever road you choose it's for you alone to travel
Whatever words you use it's only your soul will unravel
You have come to learn a truth no one can learn but you
You have come to journey through lands only you can view

Yes, there is a song and it's the song that you're composing
Yes, the line is long but the door is never closing
Yes, there is a gift and it's the gift that you are giving
Yes, there is a timeless dream and in you the dream is living