The LouisVillains

Child is the Father

Lyric Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Music Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Producer Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Performance Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Story Behind the Song:

"Child is the Father to the Man." Wordsworth
Song Length 3:49
Primary Genre New Age-Contemporary
Secondary Genre -
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artist 1 John Lennon
Language English
The child is the father to the man
The other is his bride
The father is a child of a man
And none can be denied
And if it didn't happen fast
It wouldn't happen slow
But everybody's taking sides
And brother you should know

The apple falls where the orchard stands
And roll away it might
The morning crawls like a creature in the sand
To overtake the night
And if it didn't happen fast
It wouldn't be this way
But something lurking in the past
Is still alive today

A child's standing in his father's shoes
His mother by his side
A child's handling her mother's jewels
Before she was a bride
We're told the songs are played at last
And it can't be denied
The child's living in another's past
His time will soon arrive

Water is the mother of the bride
The Sky her love and groom
The child of the mother is inside
The cradle of her moon
And what you love and what you hide
Are things that you once said
Long before you learned to speak
The stories you now tell