The LouisVillains

Slow Down

Lyric Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Music Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Producer Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Performance Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Song Length 2:46
Primary Genre Rock-Classic
Secondary Genre -
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artist 1 America
Language English
Mississippi burning in the night
People out there earning their right
People's heads are turning from the noise
People out there learning to raise their voice

Slow down

You're just like a country in yourself
And you've got the rulers and the masters in your head
And you've got the peasant masses toiling for their bread
And your right hand stands divided from your left

Slow down

I know you're in a hurry to make the grade
And I know you're gonna run a long, long way
But you've got so many voices in your head
As you drink your morning cup on the speedway
And you drive so fast you can't hear what they say