The LouisVillains

If Ever You Had Sat Upon a Mountain

Lyric Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Music Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Producer Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Performance Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Story Behind the Song:
Just to say this is the first song I wrote, at age 18, sitting on a small hill in the Negev Desert.
Song Length 3:39
Primary Genre Folk-Contemporary
Secondary Genre -
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artist 1 Harry Chapin
Language English
If ever you had sat upon a mountain
And cast your vision calmly to the West
You would see a thriving race of people
Who live as if from heaven they were blessed

And then in the East, if you cast your vision
Something sad will strike your eye
You will see a race of people
Whom heaven somehow skipped by

Did you ever wake up in the morning
And lie there half asleep in bed?
Did you know that you were only dreaming
And most of life was kept within your head?

Have you ever wondered if the thoughts that you were thinking
Were products of your own device?
Have you ever slipped into your shoes and pondered
If some thoughts were worth the price?

Don't let time disturb you
Sometimes she's your only friend
May there be peace within you
And may it be the energy you send

People's lives are rhymes and reasons
Thoughts are the money we spend
Fortunes can be made or lost in thoughts that we are thinking
On this most everything depends

So you're faltering in confidence
So you're not sure where you stand
Yet you think there comes repentance
Somewhere 'long the line before the end

Hasn't someone come some morning
And broke the news to you, my friend?
There's no certain way we should all be living
Most thoughts are hard to defend