The LouisVillains

We'll Plant the Seed

Lyric Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Music Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Producer Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Short Song Description:
Deep, warm, sensual song about the cycles and rhythms of life and death. Strong arrangements for strings and saxohpone. Good for closing credits, in a marriage scene, a life-cycle scene (birth, death, coming of age) or when one or more characters are abo
Song Length 5:21
Primary Genre New Age-Neo Classical
Secondary Genre -
Lead Vocal Female Vocal
We'll plant the seed and eat the grain
We'll wash our hands off in the rain
And as we carry on the flame

We'll sing our joys and sing our pains
And like the moon we'll wax and wane
Until the wind calls out our name

We'll let our vineyards grow untamed
We'll let our horses run un-reined
We'll let the forces all unchained

We'll walk across the wild terrain
Amidst the flowers and the flames
Return back from where we came