The LouisVillains

Sand & Stone

Lyric Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Music Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Producer Credits: Gregg Eisenberg
Short Song Description:
A song that touches on history, progress, people, migrations, and love, with romantic and mystical/religious undertones.
Song Length 5:12
Primary Genre Pop-Alternative
Secondary Genre -
Born of sand and stone, you came to this land alone
Stood up and used an oracle bone
Painted your dreams on stars, gave names to all the Gods
Wrote your words on altars made of stone

And then you packed your herds and children
And wandered from your native soil
And then you crossed the River Jordan
And you brought the walls of cities down
You brought the walls of cities down.

Born in a hospital, you came to this town alone
Stood up and used the telephone
Painted your dreams in cars, gave names to all the parts
Carry on as if there's nothing gone

But your heart has many branches
And they are thousands of years old
And there's a laugh inside that's crying
Return, return to your original home
Return to your original home

You are my pillar and my pole
A perfect lotus rising from the sand and foam
Born in a riverbed with petals that unfold
You are a gift from long ago

And now I'm not afraid of dying
No I'm not afraid of dying
Now I'm not afraid of dying
In your love stream take me to the shore
In your love stream show me some more
In your love stream walk me through the door